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Mosaic Artwork for Joseph

Joseph | South Carolina

I was dealing with grief and facing other challenges at home, and I struggled to balance working long hours with school and athletics. Then I found a caring adult in my school who recognized my passion for art and encouraged me to invest in my future. With his help, I developed a plan to attend art school and pursue my dream career as an animator.

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Rose and Marigolds

The summer before her freshman year, I lost my little sister at the age of sixteen. The rose represents her, and the marigolds represent Día de Los Muertos, a Latin American holiday where families celebrate the lives of loved ones who are no longer with us.

Broken Glass

It was hard for me and my family. Feelings of stress and unhappiness challenged me throughout high school. Before Communities In Schools found me, I felt I was alone and had few places to turn to.

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Running Shoes

I ran for my school’s cross-country team during my junior year while balancing long work hours. During tough times, I’ve been able to channel negative feelings into running—where I was able to grow my relationship with Coach Casson. It’s become a huge, positive outlet for me.


In the beginning of sophomore year, in foster care, I attended St. John's High School. The school logo features an anchor. Separating from my mom and my home was tough and really hard for me. But it allowed me to think and see the bigger picture—to put the pieces of my life together.

Time Cards

Working long hours to support my mom and two younger brothers, academic support has been a crucial part of helping me keep my grades and attendance on track while balancing my work schedule.

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