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Mosaic Artwork for Icetria

Icetria | Texas

My family and I lost everything to Hurricane Harvey my junior year of high school. I struggled with the stress of displacement and the pressure of being strong for my family. Finding a community of support at my new school made all the difference in recovering from the hurricane. Not only was I able to access donated supplies for my family, but I found academic support and a place to go to talk about my experience.

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I was recently promoted from an operations officer to the commanding officer with my JROTC unit. I love working with younger cadets and I think of them like siblings.

Houston Strong Patch

My junior year of high school was the hardest point in my life. It was the year Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, taking a serious toll on my family and my education. Because of the hurricane, I was a month late starting school and fell behind in my classes.

88% of case-managed Communities In Schools students met academic goals.


In the months following Hurricane Harvey, my family and I turned to our friends and organizations for assistance with shelter, food and other basic needs.

Acrylic Nails

I hope to someday own a beauty supply store. I think of myself as a caregiver and I want to make a positive impact on my family and my community.

97% of case-managed Communities In Schools students met career-readiness goals.


My favorite article of clothing is my denim jacket because it represents me. It’s comfortable and goes with everything.